MVI project ‘Biosecurity and Dual Use Research’

Project team

Prof. Seumas Miller
TU Delft / 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology
Project team members 
  • Dr. Koos van der Bruggen, post-doc
  • Dr. Michael Selgelid, post-doc

The attacks of 9-11-2001 and the incident with anthrax letters of a few weeks later had great impact on the life sciences.
Many pathogens that are important in medical, biological and agricultural research can be used for developing biological weapons. This implies the risk that research in one of the most innovative and promising fields of science can be misused for acts of terror as well as acts by malevolent state actors. To describe and analyse this situation a new concept was introduced in the life sciences: dual use research. This project will create more clarity on the scope of dual use issues and the best regulatory frameworks to deal with them (morally acceptable, but also politically and scientifically feasible) in the Dutch context.
Valorisation panel 
  • Ministry of Defense/ Ressort Defense Research & Development
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Direction Food Quality and Animal Health
  • Ministry of Health Care
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Direction Research and Science Policy
  • Office National Anti-Terrorism
  • Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences,
  • Biossecurity Working Group
  • Crucell Holland BV
  • TNO Defence, Security and Safety
  • Malsch Techno Evaluation