MVI project ‘Offshore Wind Energy Systems’

Project details

Project team members 
  • Dr. K. Hemmes
  • Prof. dr. R.W. Künneke
  • Prof. dr. M.J. van den Hoven
  • Prof. dr. ir. G.A.M. van Kuik
  • Dr. M.B. Peterson
  • Prof. mr. dr. M.M. Roggenkamp
  • Dr. E.T. Oosterlaken
  • Dr. R. Hillerbrand
  • D.C. Mehos, PhD

Project duration:

27 January 2013 – 26 January 2014

The development of offshore wind energy systems is a complex challenge from a technical, socio-economic, ethical and legal perspective. The proposed research project elaborates a general framework how to systematically embed social responsibility into the technical and institutional design of offshore wind energy systems. The technical design of offshore wind energy systems addresses issues like the convergence of different energy systems (like wind and gas) that are traditionally perceived as different sectors. Also the consequences for the onshore grid (like the building of storage facilities and extensive transmission lines) need to be considered or alternatives provided. Taking a systems perspective we investigate how values can be embedded in the technical design of offshore energy systems in relation to other surrounding (energy) systems and beyond. Among others we refer to literature in the field of ‘value sensitive design’. The institutional design of offshore wind energy systems addresses the regulation and governance of the energy sector in relation to its technical characteristics and ethical requirements. Literature in the field of institutional economics provides a well-established starting point for this analysis. We refer to notions like co-evolution and coherence between institutions and technology, responsible innovation, institutional design, and critical technical functions. These theoretical approaches will be closely related and validated with the empirical experience that is available in the development of offshore energy systems. A detailed stakeholder analysis is part of this research project. Participatory integrated assessment workshops will be held to validate the framework and to elaborate guidelines how social responsible innovations in offshore energy systems can be realized.

Valorisation panel 
  • The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), in the ‘Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren’ scheme.