MVI project ‘Technology & Human Development – a Capability Approach’

Project team

Prof. M.J. (Jeroen) van den Hoven
TU Delft / 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology
Project team members
  • Prof. Prabhu Kandachar, TU Delft / Industrial Design Engineering
  • Dr. Monto Mani, Indian Institute of Science / Centre for Sustainable Technologies
  • Ilse Oosterlaken, TU Delft / 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology
  • Vikram Parmar, TU Delft / Industrial Design Engineering
  • 2 additional PhD students, one of whom in India (positions still vacant)

Project description
If we define poverty reduction and development not as growth in (national) income, but in terms of expanding valuable human capabilities or freedoms, as Nussbaum and Sen do, what implications does this have for our thinking and practices concerning technology and design? Cases are taken from three areas: ICTs, healthcare/medical technology and sustainable human settlements.
Expected output 
Recommendations to improve our methods and practices of (a) design and (b) technology assessment/evaluation for the Base-of-the Pyramid
Valorisation panel
  • Development NGOs in India: Myrada, CEE
  • General Western development NGOs: ICCO, Stichting Oikos
  • Development NGOs specialised in technology: Practical Action, IICD
  • Design companies/organisations: Philips BoP Office India, Design Initiatief
  • Other: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT)